Az én világom, az én játékom


Illés Gabriella nyolcadikosok haladó csoportjának tagjai közül néhányan így mutatták be a kedvenc szabadidő tevékenységüket.


Asztalos Melissza

I like to swim because then there is silence around me and then I can relax. I can think about what I did well today or what I did wrong and healthy too. When I swim, I feel very good but at the same time I get very tired. I go swimming at least once a week, sometimes several times for two hours.


Bálega Fanni

My favourite game is Alicia Online. It is an equestrian game. I really recommend for everybody because when I play this game, I feel like I am outdoors. With this game you will learn to take care of your own horses and you can also compete with them.


Csingi Zoli

My favourite game is a computer game called Subnautica. It is a survival game with lot of choices, such as, you can build your own base, or you can discover the wonderful planet where you landed with you ship called Aurora. I recommend this game because It develops your strategy and your ability of survival, and of course you can practise the English language.

Kerti Benedek

My favourite game is the folk dance. I like dancing because it switches me off and I relax during the dance. I suggest the dance because we carry on the traditions. You have got new friends. The atmosphere is good. We have got lot of dance house and actions. And lot of people call me everywhere.


Kiss Gergely

My favourite computer game is League of Legends. It is a team game, where you can learn

how to work together like a real team. You must focus to defeat the enemy team and win

the game. This game also can improve your communication because you must inform your

teammates where the enemy is and what is the enemy is doing.


Krekk Petra


My game is the drawing or painting. I can offer especially you this pastime if you have a talent for this. But if not, you can also try it, because it is fun and a kind of relax.


Mikáczó Réka

My game is OSU. I usually play this video game when I came home or when I have free time. This game is good for you because your reflex and your reaction time will be better if you play the game.

Rácz Edina

When I have some free time, I always play with my dog. I love to play with it because it is very cute. I always throw the ball and my dog brings it back. I recommend you play with your pets, because it’s in the nature, and it’s also good to your dog or cat.

Sándor Márk

My game is a workout because it develops my stamina.  And I feel good after a workout. I feel like I’m getting stronger from training. I recommend training because the healthy life is very important.

Széll Nóra

My favourite game is my horse. I quite often ride, and drive in a chariot her. I love it, because when I do, I’m outside and I can go with her very fast, especially in the forest. I recommend this activity those, who love horses, like being outside and are not afraid when the horse runs very fast.


Ternován Szabolcs

My game is a computer game. The name is World of Tanks. I recommend this for you, because this game develops your reflex, and it is a strategic game. You can develop a lot of tanks. Many times later you can collect the all of the tanks. You can go to the battle with your friends. You can play in normal battle, practicing battle etc.

Tóth Balázs

Aion is an MMORPG game (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). It has beautiful graphics; fully customizable characters make the game very interesting. There are two types of characters to create, Elyos and Asmodian, and a couple of classes to choose from. It is extremely easy to play because the game provides a beginner tutorial/guide.